My Jokes

A man was sentenced to death. The justice asked the man if he had any last wishes before he dies. the man replied that he had no wishes but the last thing he wants to do is to change  his  face book and twitter status to inform all his friends that he is a dead man


3 Responses to “My Jokes”

  1. iKas Says:

    Xaxaxa! So funny man! ¿How are u? ¿How is it going? 😛

  2. saladins Says:

    thanks man. I am ok. how r u?

  3. iKas Says:

    Fineeee but… dissapointed because of the dificulties to find a job in Norway… 😦 Finally I think I’ll go back to Spain at the end of the course because of that…

    I’ve tried applying on several companies but due to the financial recesion work positions has become a hard thing to achieve… I also tried at the NTNU, speaking with Monica but I’ve not received yet any confirmation so…

    Anyway I will have my try in Spain too (Although things seems even worse there…)

    See u man! 😀

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