Zotero makes it simple

Since when I was referred to Zotero by one of my teachers, my bibliography management has turned to be pretty easy and fast.  Specially when surfing the web and i can save the bibligraphic info just by few clicks,  later exporting references and using with Endnote makes everything just ready to use and cite in my documents. Here it is in short steps how I am working with references using Zotero.  there might be other ways or shortcut, but as i hv not researched about it, here is how I am working with it.  and so far i am quite happy about it.

1. Zotero is a Firefox plug in. when installed it appears at the bottom in the status bar of your browser.
2. When searching articles in Acm digital library, if you click on the  display format “Endnote” and the reference  will be saved in zotero.
3. Select a number of references that you want to export and create an endnote library. Right click mouse and ->export selected items -> Refer/BibIX format
4. It will be saved as a text file.  say aaa.txt
5. Create an endnote  file, open the file and from File -> import-> aaa.txt
6. choose Refer/BibIX as import option
all references are in the Endnote library ready to use and cite!


2 Responses to “Zotero makes it simple”

  1. Jan Says:

    Hi Salahuddin,

    another alternative to how you are managing your biobliography could be Mendeley (www.mendeley.com, I’m a co-founder). Mendeley is free academic software to manage & share research papers and a research network to manage your papers online, discover research trends and connect to like-minded researchers.

    Right now, if you want to set up your library, you can import data manually (Endnote RIS, Bibtex, XML), or you drag & drop research papers into Mendeley Desktop and it will try to “guess” the correct metadata from the PDF file. We are also working on a bookmarklet which automatically lets you import references from databases such as ACM – this will be available probably mid March.

    Have a look – I think once the bookmarklet is running Mendeley could save you the import/export process you described above. If you have comments or questions, let me know!


  2. saladins Says:

    Hi Jan,
    sounds very interesting and impressive. I should try it somedays.

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