article deadline

December 19, 2010

Maria: I have a deadline on 15th September. I still have to write a lot and oh god! there’s only 6 days left.
Thomas:You can ask for some extra days to the organizers, i think it works!
Salah: May be you can hire all your friends, if it doesnt work! all of us will ask for extension! and the organizers will see ” god! so many authors want an extension!! OK, lets extend it for 3 weeks and we are going to articles from all these authors!”

and at the end they will get only one article from Maria!!
Thomas: that will definitely work Maria, if you just organize a lunch for us 🙂


Writing an article

December 14, 2010

Few months ago I participated a course on writing articles with Hakan Erdogmus. It was really interesting to see how a few questions can improve the quality of the paper and probably help you to take away lot of things that are just there in the paper being really necessary. I want to write them here so that i do not forget and can reuse it on later occasions. The four questions/investigations are:
1. In the land of ……
2. Darkness Reigned because…….
3. Light will return if ……….
4. I know this because ……………

1. investigates the context of the paper, what is it about and what it suggests.
2. this finds out the lacks in the paper, is anything missing, what are the things that you think are missing here?
3.What will make it better> what will remove the lacks of 2. ?
4. say your reasons behind the lacks in (2) and remedies in (3) or say your positive feed backs if the paper is already good. In other words, if there are lacks, say why you think these are lacks and same way, if you think the paper describes its message and process well, mention why you think it is documented well.

I assume that we keep in mind some of these questions while writing an article, but the problem is we often get stuck ourselves in a assertive mode, where we only describe the results and/or defend our claims. But we do not see the paper as an outsider, a third person, as a reader and a critic who would like to find the answers of the four questions. Once we have taken that role, either by yourself or a colleague/friend, the paper gets a better shape with inclusion of probable missing parts and exclusion of extraneous parts.

* please note that the process mentioned above was suggested by Hakan Erdogmus (, so be aware of the copyright issues if you want to use it in some purpose other than your personal learning and practicing.

Comic creator softwares

July 5, 2010

I was searching for comic creating software, better if I could get some open source ones. Was not very lucky until i got this link
which i think is a nice one that I should read carefully later on.
Do you guys know any other good links?sources? that would be really appreciated.

Me and my thoughts

May 7, 2009

Me and my thoughts
We walk together
I think
My thoughts make me think
We share the same road
Sometime I try to leave
But my thoughts hold me back
It is my thoughts
That shape my road
Is it my thoughts therefore I am?
Or is it me therefore are my thoughts?

My Jokes

April 22, 2009

A man was sentenced to death. The justice asked the man if he had any last wishes before he dies. the man replied that he had no wishes but the last thing he wants to do is to change  his  face book and twitter status to inform all his friends that he is a dead man

April 19, 2009

এটা আমার প্রথম বাংলা লেখা

Zotero makes it simple

February 17, 2009

Since when I was referred to Zotero by one of my teachers, my bibliography management has turned to be pretty easy and fast.  Specially when surfing the web and i can save the bibligraphic info just by few clicks,  later exporting references and using with Endnote makes everything just ready to use and cite in my documents. Here it is in short steps how I am working with references using Zotero.  there might be other ways or shortcut, but as i hv not researched about it, here is how I am working with it.  and so far i am quite happy about it.

1. Zotero is a Firefox plug in. when installed it appears at the bottom in the status bar of your browser.
2. When searching articles in Acm digital library, if you click on the  display format “Endnote” and the reference  will be saved in zotero.
3. Select a number of references that you want to export and create an endnote library. Right click mouse and ->export selected items -> Refer/BibIX format
4. It will be saved as a text file.  say aaa.txt
5. Create an endnote  file, open the file and from File -> import-> aaa.txt
6. choose Refer/BibIX as import option
all references are in the Endnote library ready to use and cite!

Apple’s new product!

May 22, 2008

Thats a good joke that blends both politics and IT. After this video I just realized that IT  itself is an apple product if you write in this way “iT”. believe me bcos iSay it and iMean it. and what about iMyself?? lets see the iClip

when i upgrade ubuntu from gutsy to Hardy, VMWare is not functioning

May 22, 2008

I had VMware workstation 5.5.3 installed in my earlier version of ubuntu. then i upgraded it wont start anymore.

This is bcos of the fact that, None of the pre-built vmmon modules for VMware Workstation is suitable for the new running kernel (2.6.24).  The way I solved it is
1. download the latest version of vmware-any-any package, from the link
this program build the vmmon module for your system.
save the package in the same directory as the vmware distribution file
vmware-any-any-update116 ( I have it in ~/src/VMWare/)

2. tar xzf vmware-any-any-update116.tar.gz
3. cd ~/src/VMWare/vmware-any-any-update116
4. sudo ./

this solved my problem, and it is running again!!

Sharing Files Between Ubuntu Host and Virtual Machines

May 13, 2008

after i enable the shared folder in ubuntu, I can’t see the shared folder in WInXP ,

>> try to map network drive.
if you browse, you will see the VMware shared folders inside Entire Network
you will find the enabled shared folder there. Select the folder and you have a mapped network drive icon to access the folder now!

see the link–for other related problems